Project-wise Team Details:


Project Name Designation
Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation (KSCF) Program Director  
Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation (KSCF) Child Protection Expert
Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation (KSCF) Raid & Rescue Officer
Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation (KSCF) Councillor cum Victim Assist
Kailash Satyarthi Children's Foundation (KSCF) 15 Community Champions
IIMPACT - Girls Education Program Project Coordinator
IIMPACT - Girls Education Program Supervisor
IIMPACT - Girls Education Program Learning Centre Teacher
Quality Education Program Education Specialist
Quality Education Program 10 Educators
JDF 3 Community Facilitators
Organization's Competence:
Extensive Experience: The organization boasts a wealth of experience in various fields, including education, mother and child health, livelihood, and environmental protection. This extensive experience has enabled the organization to develop a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by communities in these areas.
Community Relationships: The organization has cultivated strong relationships with the communities it serves. These relationships are built on trust, respect, and a deep commitment to improving the lives of community members. This strong connection allows the organization to better understand community needs and tailor its programs to address them effectively.
Dedicated Team: The organization is supported by a dedicated, supportive, cooperative, committed, and motivated team. These individuals are passionate about their work and are driven by a desire to make a positive impact in the communities they serve. Their dedication and commitment are key to the organization's success.
Government Liaison: The organization has established good liaison with various government departments and officials, including the Health department, BDO, CDPO, DEO, and others. This strong relationship allows the organization to collaborate effectively with the government on various initiatives and ensures that its programs are aligned with government priorities and policies.
Partnerships: The organization has also formed partnerships with other key stakeholders, such as teachers, PRI members, and other community leaders. These partnerships strengthen the organization's ability to implement its programs successfully and reach a wider audience.
Innovative Approaches: The organization is known for its innovative approaches to addressing community needs. It constantly seeks out new ideas and best practices to improve the effectiveness of its programs and achieve greater impact.
Continuous Learning: The organization is committed to continuous learning and improvement. It regularly evaluates its programs and activities to identify areas for improvement and implement changes accordingly.
Financial Management: The organization has strong financial management practices in place, ensuring that funds are used efficiently and transparently. This ensures that donor funds are used effectively to achieve maximum impact.
Monitoring and Evaluation: The organization has robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms in place to track the progress and impact of its programs. This allows the organization to make informed decisions and adjust its strategies as needed to achieve its goals.
Sustainability: The organization is committed to ensuring the sustainability of its programs. It works closely with communities to build their capacity and empower them to take ownership of development initiatives, ensuring that positive outcomes are sustained over the long term.