The Gramrajya Vikas Evam Prasikshan Sansthan is a right based organization working for the empowerment of the poor and the marginalized communities in the Rajasthan, India. This is set up in the year 2002 and is registered as a Non-Govt. organization.  GVPS has embarked on a set of key initiatives focusing on social development initiatives for defending rights of marginalize sections of society, citizen-centric development, capacity building, knowledge building, action research, and policy advocacy. GVPS works with diverse range of partners at local, state and national levels. 
The work of GVPS has embarked on a set of key initiatives by focusing on the areas of Education, Health and Human rights among women, children, youth and urban slum dwellers by retrieving appropriate knowledge support & information on mandated fundamental rights through Indian Constitution and welfare schemes for its citizens. GVPS is disseminating awareness on the prevention of drug abuse, STD/HIV/AIDS, gender discrimination, issues related to reproductive health & prevention of environmental degradation.  
GVPS has firm belief that social problems should be tackled best through the concerted efforts on the part of the people themselves. That’s why GVPS is working in partnership with communities such as the Nomadic, Backward Tribe, Dalit, the Landless, Refugees and the Minorities. GVPS is working on governance issues and specifically concerning the 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment Act, to ensure that local government can proactively take initiatives to lead development in their constituencies.