Sustainable livelihood isacrucial component of GVPS committed topoverty alleviation andintegrated development. GVPS understandsthatelementslikecreatingalternativeearningopportunities,women’s empowerment andthenatural environment areclosely interlinked. 
Hence, they nurture opportunities depending onpracticality. GVPS is supporting savings, access to micro financeaswellasinstitution building, provide impetus totheirfinancial empowerment. Together these initiativeshelpwomen togrow ininfluence and position, finallyleadingthemtomakearealchangeintheirlivesandthecommunity.  
Itaimsat livelihood promotionforoff-farm smallbusiness enterprisesthrough‘OnlyWomen’SelfHelpGroups. 
Project Coverage : GVPSoperates thisproject fortheeconomic empowerment withurbanwomen in the slums area of Jaipur, Rajasthan. 
Major Achievement 
  • 60 SHG formed by Women 
  • Participated in Capacity building  87 women
  • 60 women engage in income generation activity