Girls Education Program supported by IIMPACT

GVPS presently runs Learning centers for the deprived children in 2 Karouli and Bundi, Rajasthan, that help to prepare children who have never been to school or dropped out of school to start or return to formal schooling. Special support is also provided to children to ensure retention. These centers have been effective in providing support for education to first generation learners who do not get the required follow up support at homes. 
The programme is called Girls Child Education Program and the children even after mainstreaming are followed up through home and school visits, meetings with center management committee. IECs are used as teaching-learning materials and the children receive education through joyful learning environment.
Promotionof girls education through learningcenters
To facilitate and strengthening community for ensuring girls education 
Develop a strong networking among community based institutions to fulfil girl child education
  • Observation Children’s day 
  • Teacher capacity building on joyful learning 
  • Regular Grading of Centre on overall performance
  • Develop a community based monitoring system through Centre management committee 
  • Organized child recreation program 
  • Special education through 60 learning centers
  • Mainstream the children in Govt. school 
  • Training teachers to adapt the curriculum so that it deals with local problems regarding health and gender issues. 

CRECHE Project Indian Council of Child Welfare (ICCW), Rajasthan. 

GVPS is running crèche Centre in 4 villages of Dug block of Jhalwar & Toda Bhim Karauli District, most backward regions in south & east part of Rajasthan. 
  • To provide shelter to children of 0-6 year age when their mothers were out for work. Moreover, it also served many purposes,  
  • It did not deprive poor women of villages to go off their livelihood due to small children with them and;  
  • It provided exposure to children on pre nursery schooling.   
  • The crèche Centre is looking after the holistic development of children. Their nutrition and immunization are also taken care of. Their health chart & growth monitoring is doing regularly.      
It is commonly seen that burden of rearing small children falls on adolescent girls of the family due to which they are bound to drop out from schools. So, running crèche Centre