Innovations in Education


There are to 60 learning Centres are being running in Rajasthan by GramGramrajya Vikash Evam Prashikshan Sanshtan (GVPS) for slow learner from girls’ child to mainstream them in the Government school. Among the 60 learning Centres, 40 learning centres are in Bundi District and 20 learning Centres are in karouli District. In the 60 learning Centres total 1786 girls are enrolled. 


Idea implement

For joyful learning of the students a library has been found where different colorful books are available for the students. There Audio visual teaching system is arranged for the student. In that system Laptop and projector screen are used to teach Mathematics, Hindi, and English very simply. So the student are attracted to come to their center and they can also understand easily and can remember for a long days.